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To become a Purple Star MD Patient:

Patients must be 18 years and over and provide a physician’s recommendation along with a valid government issued I.D.


Please make sure to provide both an email and phone number.

Fill out a online registration form.

In Person

Visit us at 2520 Mission Street, San Francisco.


Designated Caregivers

Designated Caregivers are permitted at Purple Star MD with the following conditions:

Caregivers must provide a verifiable document that designates them as a caregiver to a patient. Caregivers without such a document will not be allowed inside Purple Star MD.

Caregivers and the patients they represent must fill out and sign the standard Purple Star MD member agreement and the Purple Star MD Patient and Primary Caregiver form. Forms must be signed by BOTH patient and caregiver.

All caregivers must provide a valid government issued I.D as well as a valid government issued I.D of the patient they represent (a notarized copy is acceptable)

You must be 21 years old to visit the Purple Star site

Please verify your age

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