Welcome to San Francisco’s Best-Known, Most-Affordable Dispensary

Welcome to Purple Star

Purple Star’s legendary service, selection and everyday low pricing draws customers from across Northern California, as well as many medical tourists visiting from outside the state/country. 

Don’t take our word for it – come experience it yourself!


Customer service is great, and the staff is all very friendly!

- Weedmaps

Best shatter, and wax deals great prices.


Great prices, knowledgeable staff, and convenient. I primarily use marijuana to help with the pain from a spinal injury. So, it’s important to me I find a place I trust. This is my new dispensary

-Eric T.

Good product, friendly fast service.

- Leafly

Customer service is great and quick. They always have great strains to help with injuries and healing. The only place I go.

- Carlos D.

Best in the city …located in the Mission too! Love these guys.

from WeedMaps

Love this spot so much. The atmosphere is great.

from Leafly







Welcome to Purple Star

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