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About Us

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Purple Star is a leading cannabis dispensary in the heart of San Francisco. On a revenue-per-square-foot basis, it is among the most productive dispensaries in the Bay Area. Located at 2520 Mission St. in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District, Purple Star was originally established in 2013 as a non-profit medical dispensary to serve the City’s Mission community — operating ethically and lawfully while giving back to seniors, veterans, and people affected by chronic illnesses.  

From the day its doors opened, Purple Star prided itself on being a productive member of the community it called home. This commitment went far beyond the sale of products that delivered healing and hope to the material support of The Shanti Project, Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, San Francisco LGBTQ Community Center, and AGUILAS.

As laws changed, so did Purple Star, and today it is one of the Bay Area’s best known recreational cannabis storefronts. Purple Star’s legendary service, selection, and everyday low pricing draw customers from across Northern California, as well as many medical tourists visiting from outside the state/country. While Purple Star has evolved, one thing that has not changed is the company’s commitment to sound business practices and the Bay Area community it serves. It is the only dispensary in San Francisco that offers “always-on” discounts for veterans, seniors and those battling cancer. The company remains owner-operated and piloted by a tenured management team who believe in building a welcoming retail experience and creating THC/CBD brands that consumers interact with regularly.

Over the past seven years, the Purple Star name has become synonymous with high-touch customer service and the lawful delivery of high-quality cannabis products into the retail and medicinal marketplace. Under the same management, the company is guided by the same work ethics and values of compassion that date back to its modest roots as a medical dispensary.

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