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Purple Star MD’s Guide to Choosing the Right CBD Product for You

Embark on a journey to discover the perfect CBD product tailored just for you with Purple Star MD. From tinctures to topicals and everything in between, let’s delve into the vast world of CBD offerings designed to enhance your well-being. Exploring the World of CBD Products Welcome to a realm where the healing properties of CBD take center stage. From oils to edibles and capsules […]

What’s Really the Most Effective Way to Use CBD?

It’s #MedicalMonday and we’re sharing a Refinery29 post about how to use CBD. While it’s tough to say which is the best and most effective way to experience the effects of this non-psychoactive drug, this article provides readers with different ways to consume, soak-in or routinely take CBD and how it actually works. In this article, Refinery29 interviewed Rick Weissman, president of High Fall Hemp, […]

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