Happy 7/10 Day! The Origin of Today!

According to Merry Jane, The Day of the Dab also known as 7/10 has in more recent times become the weed world’s No 2. holiday. The Day is all about cannabis concentrates and extracts.

But Why?

“710” is the number associated with cannabis oils and extracts literally because the number upside looks like “OIL.” According to Leafly, the day has vague origins. Some say its celebrations were first noted in 2012 because of the 7/10 Cup which highlighted various types of cannabis extracts and oils. Colorado and Washington’s cannabis legalization helped normalize the use of cannabis extracts and increased the availability of oils and dabs on the cannabis market.

A sheet of shatter. Shannon McInerney

Globs will be prepared. Rigs will be hooked up, torches fired, e-nails and vape cartridges turned on to consume all the wax, shatter, crumble, resin, budder, and hash to their heart’s delight. Keep calm and dab on!