Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

Purple Star MD has put together a quick gift guide for the special person in your life!

Kikoko MAM-MO-SA!

Kikoko Tea
Great steeped on its own, enjoy this tea hot OR iced. Kikoko teas are a great addition to spice up your life! Pick up any Kikoko Tea Single packet or 10-pack so you can create a refreshing and delicious tea-infused mocktail! Follow along on their website!

10mg THC Hi-Fi Hops

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops
Does Mom like sipping on IPA’s? Surprise her with a hoppy, cannabis-infused sparkling water from Lagunitas x AbsoluteXtracts. Available in 10mg THC and 18:1 CBD:THC bottles!

Pink Gelatti Strain from Farmer and the Felon

Farmer and the Felon
Want to treat Mom with some green all while fighting for social justice for cannabis prisoners? You can with Farmer and the Felon! Suggested Strains: Pink Gelatti & Gela-Tahoe.

FLOR Flower

FLOR Flower
Grown in Sonoma County, this value brand has great Sativa dominant strains for Mom! Suggested strains: Cinderella-99 and Super Lemon Haze.

Miss Mirum’s 20:1 Guava Gummies

Miss Mirum’s
Mom will absolutely LOVE these gummies! Fresh and juicy, each individual one is packed with 10mg of THC. Available in 2 Sativa’s, 2 Indica’s, 1 Hybrid, A NEW Assorted THC pack, and 2 CBD:THC 20:1 formulas

Papa & Barkley Balm

Papa & Barkley
You can never go wrong supplying that special woman in your life with a tincture or topical for all their body aches and pains. Suggested Products: Body Oil (great for massages), 1:3 CBD:THC (THC-Rich) Balm, and the THCA 1:1:1 Tincture.

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